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Knocking from wheel

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I got up this morning and took my car out and overnight it had developed a knocking sound from the Left front wheel.

From what i can work out it increases with road speed, disappears / quietens when push clutch in. This to me means that it is drive related.

Any ideas ?

I have got to go to a wedding 200 miles away today so it doesnt half pick the best times to play up.
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Hmm, only things I can think of: Wheel itself. Is it bolted on properly? (May sound obvious, but I've seen more than one car have a wheel fall off! Not mine I might add). CV joint. If the inner or outer CV joints are about to fall apart they might be knocking. Is the sound worse when turning sharply?

Try jacking the wheel up and turning it by hand, see if you can find where the sound's coming from.

If it were the bearing, I'd expect a low droning noise incresing with roadspeed, not a knocking. (though a ball-joint like clunk can be heard sometimes too).

Doubt the brakes would have anything to do with it, unless you've got a cracked brake disk - but I doubt that a lot.

I tend to think because it disappears when you're freewheeling it's going to be driveshaft related.
Hmm, only things I can think of: Wheel itself. Is it bolted on properly?
D'oh. That is exactly what it was. Two of the nuts had come loose and the wheel was wobbling.

Will wobble no more due to impact wrench being used to tighten them.

For once a cheap fix.

Fakie said:
impact wrench being used to tighten
Not a good thing, especially with alloy wheels. Tighten them with a torque wrench to 80 ft-lb.
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