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Hello again...

In the ongoing saga of replacing my auto transmission, I've hit another little snag.

Finally had it all together and ready to test drive this afternoon. With my foot on the brake, it goes into reverse and drive with authority (not soft, not harsh, just right). Having noted that, and re-checked the fluid, I gently went for a spin down the driveway. (It's a fairly long driveway.)

The car went fine in first. It did shift into second on its own, but at very high r's. I was able to coax it into doing the 1-2 shift sooner by letting out of the throttle. But I was completely unable to get it into third.

When removing the old tranny, I counted the number of threads on both sides of the fitting which attaches the kickdown cable to the throttle body. On the new one, I duplicated my thread count. But this is a used tranny - so for all I know, the cable may be stretched or have other issues.

I've been reading this thread on adjusting the cable, especially post 16, and am preparing to make adjustments to the cable.

But before I do, I have to ask: does anyone know if these trannies can be manually shifted through the gears with a disconnected or misadjusted kickdown cable? I've sees some posts alluding to this, but nothing solid one way or the other.

If it's true, I'd like to use that as a means of verifying whether or not my new-to-me slushbox will actually go through the gears, before I waste any more time on it. (Sure would suck to waste the weekend on it, only to discover that third gear is out and the tranny is garbage.)
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