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K&N air filter

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i was thinking that i want to buy a K&N air filter.
does it really make a difference?
if so =)

anybody know where i can get instructions on how to install it.
To let everybody know. i am a TOTAL noob at this.

This beast is my first car.
If it's tricky, should i bring it into a mechanic?

thanks for reading
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Chris 9-5 said:
Mike, let me summarise ;)

1. You can replace the current filter element (located under the car infront of the left hand front wheel when facing the bonnet, access is via 3-4 torx screws from underneath the car). This will give minimal improvement but is better than a dirty paper filter, it could be a tiny bit louder but I dont think you will notice.

2. You can replace the entire air box with an open air cone type filter, this will give you the whoosh sound when the wastegate dumps the boost pressure and a loud induction noise.

1. Very very simple

2. Will take more time and dismantling etc.

Tell us what you plan and we'll try and help further ;)
This brings us back to the debate where DR Boost was telling us that for applicatyions with less than 350hp the free flow filters do NOTHING for performance...

I'm not sure I agree with him, but I didn't realize anything when i sitched mine, (maybe runs a little bit smoother at very low rpms)

The turbo "whoosh" is definitely more noticeable, even with a regular free flow replacement...

On the flipside you have the potential of damaging your car.

Usually there is no risk when installing the new free flow filter, but amny of them are washable, and need re-oiling when washed.

If you don't know exactly how much oil to use when cleaning a filter and how to apply it, there is a good chance of letting the car suck the filter oil in onto the MAF sensor damaging it, and creating a costly repair...

These are some things to keep in mind.


I know there were more but this is th eonly thread I can find on the topic right now:
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