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Well...I'm back in the Saab world again after about a 2 year hiatus with Mercedes diesels. This is my first NG Saab having owned several pre-93 900's.

The Good:

Original Owner
All service records
Very Clean interior & Exterior...never wrecked
A/C System replaced last year
5spd with good clutch
Really good paint with no rust

The Bad:
Sludge problem/Low end knock
Needs Tires
Both fog lights are busted out
Been sitting since May

I got it for $650.

It's going to be towed to my house tomorrow and I'm going to start tearing into it. I've done a lot of research into this sludge issue and i am figuring worst case scenario is an engine rebuild or finding a good used engine.

I'm hoping I can take off the oil pan and find a spun bearing or something I can do in situ. Anything else I can be looking for to try and correct this problem? I don't know exactly what is knocking, but it is definitely lower end. I will inspect the chain and guide as well to see what kind of condition it is in.

Not being familiar with the NG's... any other particular quirks I should be looking for? How similar is the engineering compared with the pre-93 900's? Anything is helpful...I'm really looking forward to this project...this seems like a fun little car!


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A car that knocks - in "Knocksville" ;)

It looks like my car's twin brother! Only that I don't have a bike rack - at least not, yet. Oh, and mine is an automatic.

Best of luck in getting it fixed-up! I have a feeling that eEuroparts will be your best friend soon...

I love driving mine, but it's in the shop right now to get the oil pan dropped and cleaned as a preventive measure. It'll also get the latest PCV upgrade done.
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