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Ok I know everyone hates the dreaded TCS on 9000's.
It's actually not that bad at higher speeds, luckily the off switch works up to 37mph.
I ordered the kit for $80 at
So heres how i (and alittle help from tweek) did it:
-Remove the lower dash
-Take the SCC or Clock out and unhooked the wires
-Take out the heated seat switch
-Connect the Brown/white wire of the TCS switch to the Brown/white wire on the heated seat switch
-Connect the black wire of the TCS switch to the black wire on the heated seat switch ( to connect the wires to another they give you to pieces that clip together )
-Run the other black wire through the grommet in the firewall to the ABS/TCS module.
-Drill a hole through the module in slot 25
-Connect the black wire to the module into slot 25
-Make sure its firmly in
-Put everything back together.
The only problem i had is putting the rubber grommet back in the firewall, its still not in fully because i said forget this.:roll:
Besides that the switch works perfectly
Now i have a 93 9000 Aero and I can disable that damn TCS:cool: Btw sorry for the long tutorial and its prolly just enough to get you through. Good thing it comes with directions.

And for 92 9000's you need to replace the ABS/TCS control module with a 93 9000 unit.
See TCS isnt such a bad thing after all:p :lol: :cheesy:


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I also have had a 1993 Aero for 10 years, and immediately added an off switch, and the resulting choice and flexibility is great.
You will be glad you did it.
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