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I have been looking at an 89 900 convertible 5 speed in Baltimore MD. Priced at 1,700 USD, turbo,red top ok, rear window ok. 170k miles appx.

But won't go into reverse. current owner states simple repair in shift lever, the ring you pull up has no tension. so it is in the lever assembly. 50 USD part plus repair. I said do it and then we will talk.

Roof is good, and some what dry(floor carpet is dry , some water in trunk) after very heavy rains here in the past day 3 to 4 inches of rain!

Brakes worked O K, but did note the pedal creeping down after a few minutes at a light; looked for a rebuild/plunger kit on the saabsite, but only found replacement master cylinders. Any hints on that one?

I have spent some time on TheSaabSite looking at parts, or should I say the lack of parts. It wasn't that way 12 years ago when I had a 900 4 door.

So that scares me. Should I be scarred?

And also a question about boost. I noticed the trubo gauge goes up to only the bottom of the colored part, not quite to vertical ( 12 'Clock) position. Never got near the red that I noticed. Does that indicate a problem?

Well I will know in a day or two if I am going to get this car...hopefully with an answer about turbo performance from here

John in Baltimore
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