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Hi guys, I know that it's an old thread but there is no need to make a new one I guess.

Can you tell me what is the best option to make my 91 9000 run on Trionic?

I have car body fully stripped. And I'm thinking of two options:

- insert cabin wiring from LH-Jetronic and match it with Trionic engine harness. (I have no idea how to do it and have no specialist to help me).

- insert whole Trionic harness into CC body. The main problem for me are - rear and front lights (obviously CS and CC have different lamps), airbag, audio etc. But if it works, I can make it by myself.

What is better option?

PS. Sorry for my english.
It has been done to C900 cars.

There is a thread on here from a guy in Australia.
Should be doable, tricky and time consuming.

There is a business that made the sensor plates and mounts too I think for the hall effect CPS.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts