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issues with getting ipod connected in my 03 9-3

727 Views 1 Reply 2 Participants Last post by  finwake i've got the aux-in kit from taliferro imports, had it installed at my dealership. the first time i got my car back, they hadn't done the tech-II update. so i called them, and told them they needed to do it. so, i took it back and they apparently performed the update. now, it still isn't working. i have my iPod, sitting in a Belkin dock in my cupholder, with Belkin in-car charger hooked up. now i went to radio shack and purchased a stereo mini-jack cable, and connected it from the aux-in to the port on the belkin charger. however, even when i set the iPod to play, nothing happens. what exactly do i need to do here? there still isn't any option for the aux-in anywhere in my infotainment screen, did the dealership still mess it up? do i have the right cable?? someone please give me some advice, i'm at my wits end with this........
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