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issues with getting ipod connected in my 03 9-3

726 Views 1 Reply 2 Participants Last post by  finwake i've got the aux-in kit from taliferro imports, had it installed at my dealership. the first time i got my car back, they hadn't done the tech-II update. so i called them, and told them they needed to do it. so, i took it back and they apparently performed the update. now, it still isn't working. i have my iPod, sitting in a Belkin dock in my cupholder, with Belkin in-car charger hooked up. now i went to radio shack and purchased a stereo mini-jack cable, and connected it from the aux-in to the port on the belkin charger. however, even when i set the iPod to play, nothing happens. what exactly do i need to do here? there still isn't any option for the aux-in anywhere in my infotainment screen, did the dealership still mess it up? do i have the right cable?? someone please give me some advice, i'm at my wits end with this........
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If you cannot cycle to an AUX setting, then your dealer failed to update your head unit. You need to have them do it again and do not leave until you can cyle to an AUX setting.

Cycle to AUX two ways:

On the steering wheel, press the SRC button, you will cycle from FM -> CD -> AUX -> FM; or just CD -> AUX if you are already on CD. (note, it will not cycle off of CD until a disc is playing, so give it a second or press repeatedly, then it will cycle.... back to FM if you do not have AUX)

[If you have at least InfoTainment II, (the green screen]
On the head unit, press DISC, select 'Disc Media' on the head unit, if you have AUX enabled, you will see two radio buttons, one for the dash CD player, and one for auxilary.
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