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Is this a Fuel Accumulator?

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Hi Guys
How's everyone going? Hope you're all well.

My car, I believe, needs a new fuel accumulator and I've found this item on eBay. It's described as a fuel level sender Saab Part #9361965

Apparently it's for C900's made after 1983 (mine is actually a 1983 model)
Is a fuel level sender the same as a fuel accumulator?
If it is, will this one work on a 1983 car or not?

Many thanks
Rosie & Ruby

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Trust me its not the accumulator!

Hello again Fellow SAABer's ,

It sounds to me as though u really just need a " new fuel sender unit" not a fuel pressure accumulator which holds fuel pressure under rest pressure for restarting. Which would result in hard or no start under a variety of conditions.:D hope this helps!
BTW Rock on c900s!! oh BTW the pic is of the fuel sender which is the part u need to replace or check out!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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