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Is rattle with a/c on clutch related?

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I posted earlier on this subject but haven't heard too much in the way of possible reasons for noise. I have a rattle coming from the left front when at idle and the clutch out. The noise is not very loud at all until I turn on the a/c unit and then it's VERY loud. Noise is also loud in first gear and then tends to go away in 2nd at higher RPM's.

Is there any connection between the transmission clutch and the a/c? If so how? I have to talk to the dealer tomorrow and decide if I'm going to shell out $1500 :eek: for a new clutch when I"m not convinced it is the problem.

By the way, I'm have no clutch problems when shifting up or down in or out of gears including reverse.
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awesome news for me! :)

I don't care about the noise as I cannot hear it with the windows closed and the radio on (when I would have my A/C on..), so I will just wait it out till I need a new clutch.
I know this is an old post but mine's been doing this too. Recently it started doing it with the A/C off too. Oddly enough I had a 1990 Mazda 626 turbo which did exactly the same thing. Same noise, same symptoms, same situation (A/C on, at idle, goes away when you step on the clutch). Never did figure it out on that car either.

I touched the side of the transmission case while this was happening and I was able to feel the noise, so I guess the clutch noise can reverberate through the case. Has anyone experienced a clutch failure due to this?
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