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Is rattle with a/c on clutch related?

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I posted earlier on this subject but haven't heard too much in the way of possible reasons for noise. I have a rattle coming from the left front when at idle and the clutch out. The noise is not very loud at all until I turn on the a/c unit and then it's VERY loud. Noise is also loud in first gear and then tends to go away in 2nd at higher RPM's.

Is there any connection between the transmission clutch and the a/c? If so how? I have to talk to the dealer tomorrow and decide if I'm going to shell out $1500 :eek: for a new clutch when I"m not convinced it is the problem.

By the way, I'm have no clutch problems when shifting up or down in or out of gears including reverse.
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Huh, that is weird. As far as I know, there is absolutely no connection between the two, other than they are both connected to the same engine.

I could see something or other maybe vibrating more when the ac is on, but the clutch out thing is kind of puzzling.

One remote thing to consider is that the radiator fan comes on with the ac, and it's sort of to the left. I wonder if there's something interfering with it that's somehow connected to the clutch cable/lever arm. Seems pretty far fetched, but at leas you're post will get a bump :)
Good luck gentlemen, this is just too weird! You both have the hydraulic clutch, right? I could almost make up a theory about the bracket that holds the clutch cable rattling sympathetically when the ac compressor is on, and changing depending on where the clutch pedal is, but it won't work for the hydraulic system.
Oh, and I have a new theory...I rest this at the feet if the DIC
Makes as much sense as anything else :)
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