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Evening chaps.

Just fitting my new boost gauge. Quick quezzy;

I don't have an existing boost gauge, so could one of you fine fellows view the particularly exquisite image below and confirm that the feed for the boost gauge is the one where I have (half) put on the white hose.


Rob. :cheesy:

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Aye, works a treat boss!

Only thing is the gauge buzzes really loudly over the 0.5 bar reading, so there's a replacement in the post.

Has shown that I'm getting 1.1 bar at full boost though, a little under my target but at least I know how much I have to go!


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It was the subject line that got me reading these posts...:eek:. The answers are awesome;

"Returned; Yep, it was."

"boxman; that will do nicely :lol:"

My God, I am sore from laughing... I would have like to see a “No, don’t put it there! It’s not designed to go there!!”



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Quality posters you see mate! :cheesy:

Actually the last thing I wanted to see is “No, don’t put it there! It’s not designed to go there!!”.

That would have been a mini disaster.

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Hehehehe, cheers mate. It's getting there now - just a little bit more to eek out. :cheesy:
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