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If you don't care about reading my intro, skip on down till you see "SO"

Well here I am, the new owner of a 2005 Saab 9-3 Linear. It's become an obsession, all of the sudden I care about my care. Like really care. Like I'm pretty surprised about it.

At any rate, I wanted to introduce myself around the forum and say that it's been immensely helpful in learning about these great cars.

I just bought a 2005 9-3 Linear from a close friend who happened upon it about 8 months ago. The car was originally purchased in Atlanta, GA, and now it lives with me in Chattanooga, TN. I'm completely convinced that the previous owner (or rather driver) to my friend and I was probably a teenage girl, and the car was probably a gift from daddy. Just not well taken care of at all. Remarkably, the car held up to the abuse extremely well, and is still an amazing vehicle.

Things that I'm working on =

CD Player is not intaking or ejecting cd's properly. It works and plays discs without issues, but it will not pull the cd in when it enters the tray, or eject it fully once the disc is mounted. (Yes, I took the entire CD Player apart, and I can't find the fault. All gears and sprockets seem to be working and properly lubricated. The grey rubber bar that is supposed to grab the cd even still spins, but as soon as a disc makes contact it fails and makes a wonderful clicking noise, and the disc gets stuck.) I took the housing off and plugged it back into the harness and tried again so I could see all the moving parts. If I force the disc all the way into its mount, it plays just fine, no issues at all. This has plagued me since day one, if I can locate a fix I'll let you know.

In-Dash Cup Holder was completely snapped off... but I'm working on a clever fix that I believe will work pretty darn well. I will post the results, hopefully with pictures.

Driver's side automatic window regulator will roll down but not up. Replacement finally located on eBay, but still completely in the dark on installation. Again, I'm reading and learning more every day. Haynes Manual will probably help me on that one.

Other than this, everything seems to be going pretty well with the car.


Main questions at the moment: Am I correct in understanding that the factory CD Players in these vehicles are "married" to the vehicle, and if you replace one with another factory unit, it must be taken to a dealership and the new OEM cd player has to be programmed to the car? If so, does this cost money for a dealer to do that?

Secondly, if this doesn't prove to be an amicable solution, does anyone have an aftermarket cd player installed, and if so, would you mind to point me in the right direction as far as make/model? I'm good with hard wiring and all that, I'm just wondering about how it will effect the SID and the existing AM/FM Radio.

That's it from the noob in town. I'm really excited about getting to know this vehicle better, and getting to know some of you wonderful folks here. Thanks so much for your time in advance, and have a fantastic day!
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