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Hi All,

I was lucky enough to get some time on Steve Shannon's schedule a few days ago. Steve is the General Manager of SaabUSA and I recorded a one hour interview with him and Jan-Willem Vester, their communications guru.

We covered a bunch of topics, starting with the state of Saab in US at the moment, what he actually does with his day and then got into some nitty-gritties like Bluetooth, the lack of Hirsch in the US and the suspension of the European Delivery Program.

I've uploaded the interview onto Google Video and you can listen to it here at GV or at here at Trollhattan Saab. I think it'll be a worthwhile exercise for anyone interested in the state of play in the US market.

Whilst comments are always open at TS, I'd prefer that if you've come from here then return here to discuss.

A quick summary:

2007 performance has been the result of a few things - new model changeover and difficult domestic conditions

Bluetooth - they know they're behind the mark, but are committed to OnStar and looking for a way to integrate for a win-win

Hirsch - don't hold your breath

But there's a whole heap more than that. I hope you enjoy it.
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