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2008 2.0T Combi auto
Very intermittently the car will be extremely sluggish on acceleration. I think it is not going into boost, I can floor it and ever so slowly it accelerates. The boost gauge needle climbs about 1/3 of the scale. I can get up to speed and maintain it but acceleration is extremely poor. If I pull over, turn the ignition off and restart all is good again, full boost nothing seems off. I can't say for certain but I believe this problem only happens from a cold/hot start never once the car is running as it should.
My suspicions would be the Boost Pressure control valve (12787706) or Charge Air Bypass Control Valve (55354158) but these are guesses at best. A friend hooked it up to a Tech 2 and reported no codes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

2008 Combi 2.0T Auto trans, 136K
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