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ACCESSORIES that did not work when Car went dead
power windows
convertible top
OBD2 did not work registered key not on. On scan tool.
Dash lights and gauges did not work.
There was no Spark to plugs or distributor.
Could not hear the fuel pump.

Accessories that worked
Starter turned over fine Radio
power antenna
Power mirrors
visor mirror lights

Turn Headlight switch far right and Dash blacks out and it gives you a gear box code of 0705

Believe me this was a Hard one to Trouble shoot.

The ignition switch had 12v going in and 9v coming out of the Electrical side. Causing severe drain and intermittent problems.

Ignition switch problems are common issues on Saab. What typically happens is that the

electrical portion of the ignition switch fails which results in issues such as no start, no

dash lights, no warning lights etc When you turn the ignition switch the dash lights for

all the gauges should immediately turn on. If they do not then that is a good indication

that your ignition switch should be replaced.

I hope this helps someone...
It baffled me for awhile

Ken Castagno


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12 volts into the ignition, 9 out is the best indicator that the contacts are resistive. Also, there would be a heat build up - much like the older Honda headlight switch...if;oops:

I guess this could be measured at the fuse box ?
If someone could design an electrical systems diagnostic procedure, this the time spent could be minimal and effective....
The factory could assist in this, and I believe better equipment is required.
Most multi-meters are great for general use, but require much better probes..
I use a clamp held diaper pin - a mickey mouse tool...:cheesy:
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