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Intermitent ABS light

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Great forum, very supportive and (thankful sigh) often reassuring. I'm into my second week of owning a dark purple (amethyst?)94 CSE Turbo. It's in for its roadworthy certification today and only needs new CV boots. Last week I had a new radiator installed. However; to the point... my ABS light comes on every now and then. The intermittency varies quite a lot. Bumps seem to light it up consistently though. I've read lots of posts which say it's probably wheel sensors but I get no sensation of the ABS being "there" i.e no thrumming at the pedal. Can the system be down and still not show an alert/show an intermitent alert? Thanks again to Noel for his help last time.
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Thanks for that. I think what needs to happen now (and it's something I expectedto do once I'd got a "feel" for the car and learned a bit more from great sites like this) is that I take it to the Canberra SAAB dealer to do a detailed diagnostic on the car so I have a baseline for fixing up anything else that's not quite right. Whatever's making the alert show up will be evident by specific codes I guess. I must admit trolling through reviews and forums doesn't leave you brimming with confidence about how healthy my wallet will be in the future and that's on a car that's picture perfect and still feels new at 103K kilometres. Maybe it's like new parents to be; they should definitely not read books on obsetrics ... In terms of forums and the like, naturally you're mainly going to read about problems that occur.
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