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Intermediate Service (UK)

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Bought my 9-3 back in June '04 and it is telling me "Time for Service" and the service type is Intermediate. I've done about 9,500miles and the oil quality says 17%.

Would this usually be a free service in the UK ? Or what sort of cost am I looking at ?
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Yes Saab City is my dealership. Good spot on the web offer. I will call them tomorrow anyway and find out what they are gonna sting me for.
Booked in. cost's gonna be near £250. youch.
So I had it serviced and for anyone interested here's the cost breakdown:

Intermediate service £142.50
Gas Treatment £15.00
Throttle Cleaner £2.49
Brake Cleaner £3.95
Battery T/UP £1.49
Gasket £1.72
Sealer Ring £4.27
Air Filter £21.30
Filter Insert £4.55
Washer Fluid £3.18
Fully Oil 1L Petrol x2 £19.08
Oil 4L Fully Turbo £30.38

Total charge £249.91 (+VAT)
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1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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