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Intake installation.

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I am planning on installing an intake in my 03 SS. There is a tube that is coming out of the airbox i can't quite make out where it is going. After the installation of the intake, will i need to keep this tube in place? It looks almost like a re-ciruclation tube. Not sure, what do you guys do with this tube after the intake is installed? the tube comes off easily from the airbox. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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What intake are you going to buy? That tube is for the EVAP system. I don't know much about it. BSR has two intakes. One for cars with the tube, and one without.

You can find these little filters at most auto parts stores.
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i was planning on fabricating my own, they sell the parts in most auto stores, i was going to get a k&N cone, and an aluminum pipe, thats pretty much it....EVAP system? do i need to keeo the tube in place? Int the pic, it looks like the Evap tube is capped off with another cone filter, am i right?
Yeah, you just get one of those mini cone filters. APC makes them (if you really want APC under your hood).
If that little cone in fink's picture is connected to the evap system, it might need to be plumbed into the intake stream behind the cone filter.

I suspect it may connect at the other end to a charcoal cannister. The charcoal adsorbs gas fumes from the tank that would otherwise vent to the atmosphere (when the car isn't running). At startup the draft from the intake stream allows the cannister to release the adsorbed fuel as vapor. Sometimes these systems are called evap/purge. There may also be valving which limits the duration of the purge to a few minutes.

Not sure about the specifics in the 9-3, but that's the principle I'm familiar with. In many states, this type of replumbing would be considered defeating an emissions system, and would be illegal.
If you look at the emissions schematic (black sticker near the hood latch) you will see there is a cannister with accompanying purge system. There is also a purge control valve. The schematic doesn't really show the physical relationships, i.e. where the parts are exactly in the engine bay.

There is also an SAI, which I take it is a supplemental air injection pump.

I looked for both the charcoal cannister and the SAI pump and couldn't be sure. But I'd bet that little hose at the very front of the air cleaner box is the purge line.
So do I need to mess around with the second tube when I get the BSR intake? Or can I just leave it be? On the Parts For Saabs site, it looks like only the 2.0T model has it, and the linear doesn't, anyone know that for sure?
This thread contains a better schematic for the 2.0t:

Looks like the line in question may be something else. Maybe the crankcase vent??? In that case it's actually more important than the cannister purge.

Only guessing here.

If it were my car, I would plumb that line so it got intake suction, whatever it is! I would not simply cap it.
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