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Time for some new rubber again and I am thinking of going for a slightly wider tyre with a lower profile.

I have what I think are the standard Aero wheels, 17” double Y’s and currently have 215/45 P6000’s. Car is absolutely standard at the minute, not lowered etc.

Having scoured the forum for the last few hours I’ve read much of people putting 225/45’s on with no probs and have found mention of 235/40. Having looked through the calculations these appear to be a very good match re: rolling circumference. I’ve even found a couple of threads suggesting 245’s, but I think these are the later model and the 9-5 at that.

Does anyone have any experience of running these wider tyres (the 235/40) and will this tyre fit on the rim? it is only 20mm wider after all?

Does anyone know what the width of the standard rim actually is? I’ve just measured it and outside edge to outside edge appears to be 8” ?

Final question and I’ll leave you alone…for now
Having read through what felt like several thousand posts I know there’s lots of different reasons for tyre choice but has anyone had any bad experiences with Toyo Proxies ? Apparently the new T1-R’s (replacement for the T1-S) are better in the wet than their predecessor?

Thanks for reading this far

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