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Please Read: Important changes to classifieds

In an effort to make the classifieds a safer and more positive experience for both buyers and sellers here at SC, we will be enacting some changes. From now on all new for sale advertisements will be required to contain at minimum the sellers...



Means of contact:




Failure to follow this new format and meet all criteria will be met with a one warning followed by thread deletion within 48 hrs if corrections are not made. Once an item has sold, please mark as sold so the thread may be locked. Threads with three or more months of no activity may be locked to prevent unneeded thread revivals.

Outside links to photos will be accepted at this time but you are encouraged to either insert an image URL via the "insert image" button or upload photos using the "manage attachments" button.

Use common sense if/when purchasing goods online via the classifieds. SaabCentral will not be held responsible for ANY loss and/or damages incurred by either sellers or buyers as a result of their transactions. Please remember we are not here to arbitrate your transactions. Please make all efforts to resolve problems amongst yourselves. Thank you.

Best regards,

The SC Mods
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Not open for further replies.