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I'm Back:
After being a "heavy user" of these forums for most of 2004, I have only posted twice in the past 6 months. This is entirely due to having a (new) job which I actually I enjoy (therefore less time wasted on the internet), and still no computer at home (I spend 8 hours a day staring at a screen already, figure that's more than enough). That being said, it is great to be back, glad to still see so many familiar and friendly monikers! I almost forgot what a great place this is!

Accident Report:
CleveSaab - the past 6 months have been anything buy trouble-free:
- Replaced AC hose + recharge.
- Replaced rear shocks.
- Replaced Alternator.
- Developed a rumbling sound. (Reading another current thread, I am convinced it must be the tires.)
- Had TWO ACCIDENTS in ONE DAY!!! (1) Rear ended and (2) head-on with a motorbike. No injuries, both not my fault, fully covered by insurance. (Here is the full story -
- While the body was gettig fixed (new hood, both bumpers, grill, headlight, AC Condenser...) I opted to pay an extra $700 to have rust spots on the doors and trunk fixed up. The car looks amazing now (all its needs is tint and mags... and shampoo... and engine clean... and front shocks... and a SID fix... and and and...)

None of this has helped the "wife hates old 2-door SAAB" situation. We did the math and based on our maintenance costs over the past 2 years, could have been making lease payments on a new SAAB, BMW, Volks, etc... What is the difference between a "loyal owner" and a "sucker"? Sometimes I wonder...
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