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I recently purchased a 1988 9k with 176,000+ miles on it. Overall the car drives great and has a very small list of to dos given what I paid for it.

The most troublesome issue I am facing right now is a idle/cold start issue that does not seem to cure with the normal remedy's. So far I have...

-replaced most vacuum lines to throttle body with HPS silicone vacuum lines
-removed, cleaned and reassembled throttle body and MAF. For what it's worth both were relatively clean.
-disconnected battery to give ECU a chance to reset.

Went ahead and took a short video to further help diagnose this issue. At 0:23 seconds I press the gas and notice a loss in RPMS before response.

(I currently have my third brake light unplugged (hence the light out alarm on dash) and am aware of the abs fault on dash as well)

Thanks in advance guys!
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