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Perhaps JZ or another tuner can chime in here.
Summer Temps are really nasty here in texas. I was getting killed on the Dyno with my 03 cobra with roots style blower. After the first pull my IAT temps went thru the roof and the car started to pull timing like crazy. We would wait 15 min between pulls, ice the intake and put ice in the innercooler resivor and put 2 fans under the car to cool things down; super bad heat soak.
I decided to purchase a dual pass Heat exchanger and a large intercooler resivor using water wetter and ice. The results were dramatic and i could tell the car was not getting heat soaked as we pulled back to back dynos

I understand the V6 saab is a turbo and the temps get pretty hot. However are you seeing IAT temps affect timing/performance in your lower stage tunes?

Do you feel a larger or dual pass Heat Exchanger would be beneficial in a stage 0/1 tune?
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