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Long story short, I think I need to sell my 2000 Viggen. I could use the cash and to be honest, I never drive it. It's a garage queen, really.

So, in your opinion, how much could I sell it for? KBB says 7600 for excellent, 7200 for good etc but that is just KBB. I want to know what you guys think, but it is not for sale yet so thats why I posted it here instead of the classifieds section.

98,000 miles
1 owner
perfect shape in and out except for drivers seat
$3000 was spent about one month ago to rebuild head, with warranty.
Full service history
I even have the original flight acadamy tickets and special keychains.

Drives perfect and boosts great.

So what do you guys think I can sell it for/advertise it for? Greatly appreciated!

See pictures above.
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