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so i have to write a transient engine code analysis (using time steps to simulate an engine), and i said that i should at least make use of it and use a saab engine. however, i need a lot of specs, some harder to come by than others, and i've found a few of them through the manual or searching other forums. but i need a few more. i've got a lil t, so i'd prefer the specs to be for that engine, but if you've got the data for the big T, that works too (better than having to make up the stuff).

- piston skirt length
- typical air-to-fuel ratio
- diameter of piston (slightly smaller than the bore, which i have, but if anyone knows it exactly, that'd be great)
- diameter of the intake and exhaust ports
- intake and exhaust valve lifts
- connecting rod length
- piston mass
- connecting rod mass
- connecting rod diameter
- mass of crankshaft plus flywheel
- flywheel disk diameter
- when the intake and exhaust valves are open (in terms of crank angle would be best)

also, and last i swear, i want a proper hp and torque vs RPM curve for either the lil t or big T to compare my outputs to. thanks in advance, i know if anyone can find out this stuff, you guys can (because saab wouldn't dare give me data this specific on one of their engines).
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