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I luv my 9-3ss!

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I traded in my '03 Nissan 350Z for my Saab 9-3 Linear two weeks ago and WOW! I'm so impressed with this little 175-horse wonder! The gearing and low-end torque put my 287-horse old Z to shame in stoplight showdowns! I'm going to need to start painting little cars on my fender to represent my "kills":cheesy:.

I love the looks I get when I blow past BMW's, Acuras and Lexusesseses:cheesy:.

This morning I blew the doors off of:
-2 Nissan 300ZXTT's (Yeah, they could've taken me, but I guess they were too busy wondering what the heck just passed them like a bullet when the light went green!)
-Acura TSX (Same as Brit Accord)
-Lexus GS300
-New Maxima 3.5 SE

All of this, plus I went to the store the other day and stuffed the extra giant economy pack of toilet paper in my trunk. Can't do THAT in a 350Z! All in a day's work!;)
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seeker.. its a good thing those TT's were being nice! they'd have ruined your day!;)
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