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I know, I know. Yet another is this the right intercooler thread.

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will this work on my 1996 900se for stage 3+? i have read the bell intercoolers page and its all greek to me. please just let me know if it will work. if not tell me which one. also i would like little to no modification, meaning i dont want to have to bend, grind, or stretch any stock equipment. besides hoses that is. thank you.

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ok but core size is ok for stage 3? and ive also been seeing this delta fin thing? any good? ill go look for the kit. thank you

also that intercooler has free shipping, so its 85.00 with shipping included.
Thank you. I am a little worried about space, its more that i dont want to screw anything up by bending it too far, or something like that. it will be my first intercooler install so it will probably take twice as long as it needs to. im fairly mechanically inclined so it shouldnt be too tough. what thickness would you suggest?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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