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I know, I know. Yet another is this the right intercooler thread.

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will this work on my 1996 900se for stage 3+? i have read the bell intercoolers page and its all greek to me. please just let me know if it will work. if not tell me which one. also i would like little to no modification, meaning i dont want to have to bend, grind, or stretch any stock equipment. besides hoses that is. thank you.

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Should work, if stage 3 is your goal then I would imagine that this will do you a lot of good. Core size could be thicker but I think this thickness will help quite a bit in the installation, which seems to be a priority for you.

Good luck!
Well 3.5 is as thick as you can go so just go off of that. I seriously think that this will work just fine for your needs, though.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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