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I just picked up an original Saab 9000 CSE oil cooler. I am going to put it behind the grill just in front and or to the left side of the radiator (vertically). I kept the connecting metal lines/o-rings etc from the 9000cse. Originally in the 9000cse it was fitted in the long way (vertically) and the lines extended out top/bottom. Is the top line on this cooler the return line? Also on my 91 900 turbo, which line coming from the oil filter housing is the return line, is it the left or the right side line? Interesting enough, the previous/original owner of my 91 900 turbo put in a radiator with the bottom cooler line for the A.T. not connected (not original radiator). Upon further observation, I noticed a cooler similar in configuaration to the oringinal oil cooler on the passenger's side in the opposite locality as the original oil cooler (driver's side under bumper). It appears that the tranny is cooled by this cooler, while the oil cooler cools the oil. However my oil cooler leaks (driver's side underneath the bumper):confused: ! Did this model come with 2 coolers one for motor oil/one for ATF?I just need the 411 on the return/feed line setup. I picked up the cooler from a good junkyard (Valeo Saab cooler all metal and factory welded/reinforced at the line inlet/outlets) for a mere $15.75, NEW LIKE CONDITION:D ! I will connect some good quality tranny rubber line with clamps upon connecting the cooler to the lines running off of the oil filter housing setup. I will just remove the old cooler next year. Please all of your input and or advice would be greatly appreciated, I await your input, thanks in advance!
1991 900 turbo 16 valve 2.0 with 174,000 original miles in excellent condition!

Best Regards:) !
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