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So three weeks ago I make an appointment for my 2004 9-3 vert to have a few things done. Need a loaner car, so it is a 3 week wait. I was gettignan inspection, oil change, brake squeal looked at, aux jack installed and the big think a new windshield wiper motor. Thje windshield didn't work at top speed, just froze, and now the low speed was crapping out. The service guy then told me that they will order the jack and check on the motor part.

Go today, go over the list and get a 2005 9-5 with 300 miles as a loaner..not bad. That was 7:30 this morning. At 4 pm ,since i never rcvd a call I checked in with them. The "service manager" tells me..

"Yeah, you can pick up your car. We need the loaner back. However, we have to order the jack and a wiper motor."

WTF?!?!? I tore the shiet out of him. I book an appt 3 weeks ago, drive 30 mins to your dealership and you can't have the parts ready (aux jack) and you don't have one in stock (wiper motor). Tells me it doesnt make sense for them to keep any of those parts on the shelf. I told him I am keeping the loaner and he fought with me to return it. I said fine and hung up. As I look out my office window and see the monsoon and 2 inches of rain I get pissed. Call him back and told him I dont feel safe in that car with faulty wipers, he gets mad and yells "Just keep the damn loaner then!!"

Called the sales manager(my salesman) and GM of dealership and tell them how offended I was. The apologized, told me to keep the loaner an will look at other dealers for parts or take them out of a car on the lot if they have to and have the car for me Tuesday or Wednesday.

I am so pissed right now I think I want to contact Saab Corporate and rip this dealerhip to shreads. Sale sis great, service people don't know the first thing about servicing customers.
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