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...And here's how I managed to do it... yes I suffer from temporary bouts of stupidity, it's a curse.

I bought my used 2002 Saab, the stereo was horrible, as I'm sure you all are aware, so I upgraded! new deck, new speakers, and an amplifier...

Shortly after, I realized that it looked horrible, and I really didn't like the loss of functionality in regards to steering, nightmode, etc... So I took out the deck, and just popped the stock one in until I get down to the business of rewiring for the stock stereo... HOWEVER... I plugged it in, it'll say stereo locked, and then the screen will merely display telephone (the rear speakers aren't connected to the amp, so they worked for about 5 minutes until the whole telephone thing rears it's ugly head)...

...Is this because of wiring (the remote start for the amp is plugged into the +15 port), or because it got swapped in and out and needs a little software based kick in the butt?

Profuse thanks to all who can assist!


P.S - as an aside, and perhaps because it'll be easier - are there any good after market enclusores for stereos?.. I have the little 15 dollar one I got from my dealer, but it's ill fitting and all the space left over just pains my eyes...
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