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My induction tube had a big crack in it, so I went looking for an uprated option. I am planning to swap as many tubes and hoses with silicone as I can, but wanted something that would tide me over for a bit.

I wound up getting the induction tube from eBay.

I thought it may be a smidge longer but looked like it would work.

Immediately installed it once it came in, and found the following.

It is a touch small on the throttle body side (mm's). A little pushing and it went on without too much trouble though. The internal notches do not exist on his one, but no leaking was found. The length worked out perfectly, it wasn't any longer than the factory pipe. Ultimately, I realized it was for the previous 9000 version but fit and wasn't leaking.

It is a little soft, the walls aren't as strong as I had anticipated but it works well enough.

For $30, I'd say it isn't too bad. Still planning to get the proper kit from do88 though 馃槄.

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