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So here is the deal... I want to go a different route with my wheels. I have a nice set of custom adapter/spacers. They mount to the hub with low profile studs and are hubcentric. They fit studs for a 5x112 wheel. I was going to be running these in back and continue using wobble bolts in front. They are in excellent shape. I have not installed them, they are brand new, I have only fitted them once. Thing is I want to go with different wheels. I am tired of this look and want to go with something more like the BBS RKs or something. So! I paid $160 for these I'll ship them out with the bolts, lug nuts, and all for $100. These are not cheap ebay parts, they are custom made by Motorsport Tech.

Type: One Piece Adapter
Hub Centric to 2004 Saab 9-3 ARC & Wheel Centric to Wheel
Thickness: 25mm
Stud Size: 12x1.5
Wheel Bore: 72.6mm
Wheel pattern: 5 by 112 (4.41 inches)

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