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How to remove rear seat on SAAB 93

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Hi, I have a SAAB 2004 93 sedan, The key fob has dissasociated itself from the car and it will cost very bid dollars to fix so I am wrecking the car and wish to wreck it for parts and wish to buy an old SAAB 900 Problem is I have a lot of stuff I want in the boot. I cant open the boot as the car boot is locked. Is there any way to unlock the boot or lower the back seat or even remove the rear seat to access the stuff in the boot. I would prefere if it is non destructive but if the solution is destrtuctive so be it. Hope somebody can help. thanks
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Locate oval cap at rear shelf, it is in right.
Remove it and you found backrest emergency fold. Fold right (smaller) part of backrest. Then use rod or similar to push left part handle.
Worked a treat thank you:)
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