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ok so im trying to do my homework on how to figure out the stock power coming from the b235 engine,in my book it gives me a way to figure it by use the PLAN equation
P= is the brake mean effective pressure,or bmep easy way to imagine bmep is as an average pressure pushing down on the piston donw the bore.
L=length of stroke
A=area of bore area prusee works with
N=number of putts engine makes ina a minute,represents how fast engine is running and how many cylenders

step 1 take p and multiply by A and you have pressure time area
then multiply PA by L and ou have a number representing torgue outout of the cylender and then take the figure and multiply it by n(how fast th job is getting done)and oyur result is power
POWER=trque times rpm

my i multiply by the maximum rpm of the viggen?does p mean my compression?9.3:1?do i change the stroke and bore into inches instead of mm? in the end i should get near 240 correct? can someone help me on how to do this
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