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My moonroof will not budge. I cant open it manually either. I have checked the motor and it appears to be fine. I am supposing that it operates with a cable drive and the cable broke?
I dont see any way to repair it without taking the entire framework out.
Any help greatly appreciated.

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Did you try hard enough to turn the sunroof drive gear manually? You need a good strong slot screwdriver and you have to push up into the gear slot really hard to disengage the motor gear from the sunroof gears so you can crank it manually. The cables are actually like a worm gear, and they do wear out, mine have.

But first, when you operate the switch for the roof, do you even hear the motor try and move the roof?

Here are the instructions on how to remove the sunroof assembly if you need them:

To remove Sunroof assembly
NOTE It is advisable for two persons to help each other when carrying out operations 28 and 29
1. Remove the headlining
2. Remove the sun visors.
3. Remove the cover plate from the roof-mounted rearview mirror bracket (fastened with clips)
4. Remove the rearview mirror.
5. Remove the lamp from the motor bracket (fastened with two clips) and remove the bulb from the connector.
6. Undo the screws retaining the bracket and pull it away.
7. Remove the moulding round the sunroof aperture. Unplug the sunroof motor connector.
8. Remove the interior lighting bracket.
9. Remove the A-pillar's door weatherstrips.
10. Pull the A-pillar trim away (fastened with clips).
11. Remove the grab handle
Three-door cars:
12. Remove the L-pillar trim
Five-door cars: Left-hand B pillar
13. Remove the left-hand -pillars upper inner trim (fastened with clips)
14. Remove the top clip from the left-hand B-pillar's upper outer trim
Right-hand B pillar.
15. Remove the pillar trim
16. Remove the trim from the C pillars
17. Remove the retaining clips at the rear edge of the headlining, Turn the clips through (quarter-tum),
18. Remove the door weatherstrips securing the headlining,
19. Bend down the headlining,
20. Remove the wiring from the headlining (secured with tape),
21. Unplug the reading lamp connectors above the front seats.
22. Unplug the rear reading lamp connector,
23. Lift the headlining out through the tailgate opening
24. Remove the four drain hoses from the nipples on the sunroof assembly,
25. Disconnect the motor grounding point from the lighting panel,
26. Remove the four lighting panel retaining screws and remove the panel,
27. Remove the sunroof assembly retaining screws. leaving one at the front and one at each corner at the rear,
28. Undo the three remaining screws and. with the aid of a helper. lift off and lower the sunroof assembly,
29. Open the tailgate and remove the sunroof assembly at the rear with the aid of a helper

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Hello, thank you for your reply

At first there was a clicking sound when I worked the switch. It sounded like it was trying to open but was stuck. After trying to open it manually, I reinstalled the motor and I hear jusr a spinning noise both ways.
Do you think maybe I need to try the screwdriver again and push it up a little harder?
Thanks again
Also, thanks for the removal instructions. I believe that I would hang myself before attempting this project.:D
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