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You might now want to read this if your very sensitive about sick 9-2x's or dealer error horror stories.

I just got a new 9-2x aero a few weeks ago. I just changed my oil at 780 miles. It looked dirty to me but, I have done very few oil changes so Im not sure how bad it is. It looks very dark(you can't see through it at all) like oil that has been in a car for about 5000 miles as far as I know. Then I noticed a lot of dirt on the oil container. The dirt may have just been there before I changed the oil but I decided I better check the air filter. One of the clips was not clipped on.:x I could pull up the air filter lid and it was not on right at all. Air was getting in past the air filter. I looked inside and I was able to wipe a little dust off the inside tube after the filter. When I tried to put the lid back on I did have a lot of trouble getting it to clip on in the back so I think that who ever put it on had trouble and didn't take the time to put it on right. I am REALLY pissed but mostly feel sick. I looked online and found a car talk response to someone who found out their car didn't have a filter put in it after the last service. The car talk guys Tom and Ray said the person should have the dealer pay someone to get a small scope and check the cylinder walls. I think I am going to ask the dealer to do that in my case since this is my new car and someone didn't do there job when they checked it out. I am worried about the worst case that the car is damaged but doesn't have a big problem until about 70k miles where its out of warranty. Well I will call the dealer tomorrow. GRRRRRRRRRRR.....

Did anyone here change the oil before 1000 miles and how dark was it? If you look inside the tube of you air intake just past the air filter is there any dust in it at all?
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