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Hose Connecting to Outlet Duct

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Hi There. I have an air leak either on or connecting to the outlet duct on my 2011 Saab 9-5 Turbo 6. I am unsure whether the leak is originating from the valve that stems from the duct itself (picture in link to outlet duct part below), the hose that connects to it, or if there is some sort of O-ring or connector that interfaces them. The leak is coming from the yellow circled portion of the picture below. Does anyone know which hose that is specifically that is circled in red? Hoping that I just have to replace the hose or the connector and not the entire duct. Thanks in advance!

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Hi and welcome.
That valve is part of duct, so you need to buy whole duct.
Thanks. I am looking to replace the hose first, to see if that will solve the issue. After inspection, it looks like the valve that is part of the duct is a less likely candidate for a leak than the hose and its connector. I believe I've found the correct part for anyone curious:

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