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I've searched and read most of the answers, but if anyone has pics that they can post...

2007 Saab 9-3T 6spd manual.

the hood release lever doesn't do anything when pulled
and also my battery is dead and I need to jump it (and therefore open hood)
and my steering wheel locked when the battery died (yup, it's been a good week).

I've tried...
getting vice grips and pulling the cable from inside, and it does nothing,

I can see the safety latch through the grill but not the cable...

a) I don't know how to get the grill off without breaking it, and even if I got the grill off, I don't know what thing I'm pushing or pulling and in which direction (photos please! I'm feeling like a dumb girl here, and yes, I'm a girl)
b) I could try releasing the latch from underneath the car - but I don't know what I'm looking for... and it's a really tight squeeze with the aero kit so low to the I don't think I can get under there

and the manual has apparently walked out of the glove box and is no longer there

So....I'm stuck!

any help is greatly do I open the gosh-darned hood???

If I'm lucky maybe there's a saab enthusiast around the corner from me here in Canada....

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"On the pluss side I did see how they opened the hood, so for anyone curious: Behind the grills on each side of the middle one, there are locking mechanisms that you have to push on. They used a long screwdriver. Removing the grills itself took them 10 seconds each by using plyers.

EDIT: Sorry, not plyers. Don't do that. You'll ruin the grill. Just find something to stick inbetween the hood and the grills to wiggle it free."

Good luck!
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