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Hood closed switch ? SRS light on !

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A switch resides next to the main fuse/relay box that seems to sense when the hood is closed ? Anyway, I discovered that its e-connection was loose..
I wonder what this is ?

The SRS dash light glows as well as the red exclamation point !
Haynes has little on this, Maybe the English do not use air bags ?
Too hard to believe..
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Thank you, gentlemen, I shall look into this...

I think this problem started when I was "troubleshooting" an inoperative rear power window...
And there is no humanly possible relationship.
I removed the glove-box and see absolutely nothing wrong with the electrical connection at the RS air-bag..
I may disconnect the battery again and more thoroughly check this item.
Then I must check out the airbag ECU.
The under dash quality is generally impressive - there must be $$$ in wiring alone...and the work is not that hard...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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