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Hoen review... I like them *DUW*

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Well, I put the new HID like lights in the car and I must say I am impressed. I have friends with the Silverstar bulbs but I like these better. As far as driving visability, there is a little less light put on the road but it is barely noticable. Here are the pics..

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Jerry03Arc said:
I did not do the high beams. I don't use them that often, and when I do use them there is no one else on the road (proper high beam etiquette). So the question is, if you have cool headlights and there is no one around to see them do they really exist?
I changed the lows, fogs, city lights, and installed the silvania turn indicators. I didn't like the ones Hoes offered, they were still to orange.

To anyone who changed their turn indicators.. PY21W did you notice that the small bump on the lightbulb casing did not match up with the factory offset on their turn signals. I just jammed mine in. Am I the only one?
I guess that's a good point - though if the high beams offered better coverage (not sure?), they'd be worth changing.

These are the ones you got, correct?

You used the H7 fogs for headlights? I assume that because the price matches what you paid, and the others don;t....
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