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First and foremost I would like to say I DO NOT run my foglights (4300K) when it is raining. I am well aware of the fact that this is dangerous/obnoxious to oncoming drivers.

Anyway, I have HID low beams and foglights all of which worked fine for the first week I had them in. Lately though the front right one has been giving me problems. When I turn them on it flashes an orange color and does not power up.

A few things I have noticed;
1) It seems to help when the stereo is off (I have the factory 9 speaker Harmon-Kardon system but added two subs and an amp)
2) I had the daytime running lights disabled and enjoy the look of the contrast between the city lights (also swapped for a set of PIAA bulbs) in contrast to the fog lights, when I try to turn on the foglights by themselves it almost never works.
3) If I turn the fog lights and the low beams on and off 3 or 4 times quickly they eventually come on, knowing that it is extremely bad for xenon bulbs to be turned on and off (the reason I won't buy HID high beams) this is of great concern to me.

I never once had a problem with the HID's in my last car (ran without incident for 2 years). I checked, double checked and checked again all the wire connections, they all seem to be solid. Suggestions, advice, anything would be more than appreciated.

Thank you, Scott
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