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Hick-up On Tickover

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Hi guys,

Another question for you all.

On tickover, I have noticed that the engine hesitates, has a hick-up but this is not evident whilst driving. (sounds like 'hunting' but not continuous)
I've changed the plugs and the fault is still there and my next test will be to change my fuel. I have heard that the fuel supplied by Tesco is not up to scratch, which is in the tank at the mo. Anyone else found this symptom :roll:

I hope it's nothing to do with the DI

Would a fuel filter change help?


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Phil these are good for both tuned and regular cars. :)
Finn said:
Isnt the Tesco rocket fuel only available at big outlets like Lakeside, whilst they market test it, or someting silly like that..:x
I'll find out Finn from my local one at Brookfield Farm (Cheshunt) to see what is going on, the next time I fill up. They normally have a leaflet about all the fuels they retail, so I'll get one and do a write up.

Phil hate to say it but that was the exact symptoms I had before I replaced the throttle body. Only difference was I had the check engine light on.

The car ran fine under power but would stall if the aircon was on while in gear.
Mmm. Might have the throttle body off and give it a thorough clean out. Probably full of oil sludge after 100k miles.

Hi Guys,

Well, I had the throttle body off yesterday which was a quick job and the following found.

1. Throttle cable 10mm out of adjustment
2. On removal of the throttle body, copious oil was present, very thin and brown in colour. There is a little reservoir moulded into the intake manifold approx 12mm x 12mm which was full of the gunk, and it was present all around the mounting flange too.
3. Cleaned all that off and had a look inside the intake manifold. About 1 tablespoon of the same dirty oil was sitting inside:eek: That's not right I'm sure. With a lint free cloth, I mop'd this up as best I could as it is a little restrictive.
4. Cleaned the throttle body and inspected the 'P' shaped gasket for splits but it seems Ok, but I have one on order as it is a little flat and hard.
5. All together now and took it for a 20 mile run last night, a/c on, and guess what, NO SPLUTTERING:p (New plugs not fitted yet)

Before I get too enthusiastic, I'll run it for a few days too see how it performs and replace the throttle body to intake gasket when it arrives, as I guess seapage is ocurring.

I'll take some pictures (2nd time around) and send them to Finn (hope you do not mind) so that he can post them. I'll add notes to indicate the findings 1st time round.

It'll be interesting to see if the oil has re appeared in a day when I change the 'P' rubber/gasket.

Anyone else found this on their car????

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They do get very guncked up, there always seems to be a little oil that gets down the delivery pipe into the throttle body, and a damn good clean is an excellent idea!

My carb cleaner arrived today and I'll do the same and report back!

Please do fit the NGK plugs though Phil ;)
Throttle body 'P' rubber gasket fitted, new NGK 7ES-11 plugs fitted (they perform great guys, thanks) and had a chat with a Saab engineer.

His conclusion is that the solenoid in the throttle body is on the way out as the splutter at idle is intermittent, and not caused by the a/c clutch. Admitted, the engine revs will fall when the clutch cuts in, but would not cause the surges that I have... 3 or 4 times in 15 seconds, he says.:confused:

I will consider what to do next, but now the engine has sprung an oil leak. The timing chain tensioner was replaced yesterday, where oil was seaping, and today, still oil on the drive.

It's back in the garage now where the engine is going to be removed for a complete re seal.....

What a week:evil:

Why are Saabs so complicated? Are their aircraft prone to such failures!!!!! No wonder we do not see many flying today!!!

I'll let you know the damage later in the week:x

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Good luck Phil, lets hope its light on the pocket. :(
Sounds painful Phil :cry:
Now that I have got up from the floor, I'll give you the details of the garage visit:x

1. Remove Engine £500
2. Additional reseal labour £300
3. Balance chain kit £175
4. Timing chain kit £175
5. Head skim + crank test £75
6. Head/Engine reseal kit £105
7. New oil & filter Free Ha Ha:roll:

All plus VAT

Mind you, the engine is as quiet as a mouse, but at great expense and no sign of the spluttering at idle. Mind you I have not been on a run yet!

All this work was done by my local garage who specialise in saab & volvo, not a dealer.

Time for a large drink I think, that's if I can find some loose change in the car:cry: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Phil thats a lot of cash :cry:

Lets hope this is the first day of at least five years of trouble free motoring ;)
The splutter is back again :evil:

May well need a new throttle body. :x
Finally got to the bottom of this problem.

The throttle body finally died on the M20 and have now had a new one fitted. As I know my local garage well, the full cost of this will be met by a warranty company which came with the car when bought a few months ago.
Little compensation considering the amount I have spent:(

Total cost this time £580, and a free service next time.

Thanks to you all for your input.

I'm glad its sorted, it takes a while to feel confident in the car again though :(
Sure does Chris. I hope I have a few year trouble free motoring now.

BTW. The new throttle body only has 1 PCV inlet from the valve itself (not like the old one which had 2) It must be a revised design:confused:

It'll be interesting to see how it performs.

Thanks again

Hey well done Phil you must be pleased. I do believe it was Chris that mentioned the TB way back when you started the thread. Guess you will have to start selling some some stuff to make back the cash you have spent.. :cheesy:
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