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Hick-up On Tickover

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Hi guys,

Another question for you all.

On tickover, I have noticed that the engine hesitates, has a hick-up but this is not evident whilst driving. (sounds like 'hunting' but not continuous)
I've changed the plugs and the fault is still there and my next test will be to change my fuel. I have heard that the fuel supplied by Tesco is not up to scratch, which is in the tank at the mo. Anyone else found this symptom :roll:

I hope it's nothing to do with the DI

Would a fuel filter change help?


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Phil try cleaning the throttle boy with some carb cleaner ;)
Phil I have the same problem at the moment with the acc compressor causing the car to stumble and has caused a stall:evil:

If your car is standard an ECU software reflash might help, from your dealer. Additionally it could be a acc compressor clutch problem, mine is being swapped out under warranty to see if that helps?

Annoyin though innit:evil:
Yep, and with an auto you cant exactly drop the clutch and restart on the roll either :roll:

Where did you get the carb/throttle cleaner from by the way?
Thanks Phil ;)
course9x said:
So to clean out the throttle body, just take off the intake pipe and spray it in??Dave
Yep, I would suggest using a lint free cloth and cleaning off the excess as you go, you can also spray some in while she runs(she wont like it though).

Make sure the pipe is put on nice and securely afterwards ;)

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euroswill said:
A quick note as well guys. I had to replace the large 'O' ring around the air intake which seals the delivery pipe to the throttle body. Perrished like a tarts gussett:eek:
Has that helped with the problem Phil? :confused:
I'm thinking a reflash is like a windows update (so steer clear it will never work again!...joke)

As they improve the programme and the diagnostics they update the software. I dont think its the throttle body though, and I too have changed the DI, plugs, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, CPS, & Throttle body etc etc etc

Could be the clutch on the ACC or more likely trionic not reacting quick enough to raise the revs by 50 or so to compensate for the demand of the compressor, oh I dunno why its happening but its really annoyin innit :evil:
Our US friends had a lot of problems with fuel recently, maybe we should do a group buy on optimax next :cheesy:
This 99 ron stuff is it labeled super unleaded or summit :confused:
What plugs are you using?

By the way I filled up at Tesco, no super dooper in sight, I asked the woman about 99 RON and she said:

"Sorry luv, who is Ron?" :roll:
Finn said:
Phil use these:

Really cheap as well, gapped to 1.1 if I remember correctly. Someone confirm please..
Yes thats correct, Phil get rid of those Bosch ASAP:nono;
They do get very guncked up, there always seems to be a little oil that gets down the delivery pipe into the throttle body, and a damn good clean is an excellent idea!

My carb cleaner arrived today and I'll do the same and report back!

Please do fit the NGK plugs though Phil ;)
Sounds painful Phil :cry:
Phil thats a lot of cash :cry:

Lets hope this is the first day of at least five years of trouble free motoring ;)
I'm glad its sorted, it takes a while to feel confident in the car again though :(
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