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Hick-up On Tickover

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Hi guys,

Another question for you all.

On tickover, I have noticed that the engine hesitates, has a hick-up but this is not evident whilst driving. (sounds like 'hunting' but not continuous)
I've changed the plugs and the fault is still there and my next test will be to change my fuel. I have heard that the fuel supplied by Tesco is not up to scratch, which is in the tank at the mo. Anyone else found this symptom :roll:

I hope it's nothing to do with the DI

Would a fuel filter change help?


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Tickover = Idle ;)
Why don't you bloody Englishmen speak English! :lol:

Or maybe it's us crazy Yanks that aren't speaking English?!?! :eek:
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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