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Long time Saab Lover, first time owner!

I just purchased a 1999 9-3 Convertible, and I've got my Haynes manual, but hoping to utilize the Saab knowledge in forum for some of the more interesting hiccups along the way.

So far all the work I've done consists of oil change (mobil 1), with K&N oil and washable air filter, and NPN cabin filter (see pics, it might have damn been near the original), and general wash down, and leather treatment.

Needed repairs:
I've got to mess with the SID. Already ordered the pixel tape to bring that back to a legible state.

I would like recommendations for exhaust, she's currently wearing factory, and doubt she will make it through another VA inspection.

Additionally, I know that I'm going to have issues with the relays for the soft top, but I will tackle that as it comes.


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