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Hey Y'all.Just bought a Saab Viggen

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I just joined this forum because I just bought a 2000 9-3 Viggen. It is my very first car and I am very excited to get it on the road. It is parked in the drive way and ever since I bought the car, I go and sit in it everyday. haha. Anyway, the car was originally bought in Flordia then brought to London Ontario. It has been a part of 1 family since the car was bought in 2000, until I found the ad on kijiji. I have some work to do on it before it will be "road safe" but I am hoping that it will be worth it. I have been doing some searching and had to go to the scrapyard with my Boyfriend to find extra parts that may be in better condition than what I have currently. We brought back small things like; light switches, heated seat switches etc... I have realized that in having a rare car, parts can be difficult to find :(.... I just ordered a flex pipe from From what I see so far, my water pump may be leaking as well. I picked up a power steering line from the scrap yard that is in better shape then what I have.

Question to all members: My display in pretty much going dead in my car. I can barely see what station the radio is on. Is anyone else having this problem?

any advice would be great!
Thank you!!!
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The reason why I bought the car was because it was affordable but the body and motor is in great shape. I was thinking of getting a used one from amazon....

haha I'm a sens fan too :p
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