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Help please - new engine = problems

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hi, i dont know whether you guys have ever faced this - the "new" rebuilt engine is back in the car but when i turn the ignition key the rpm/tachometer goes crazy and then stablizes at approx 5000 rpm

the ignition relay "E" in the fuse box makes a really fast huming noise - not like on the other 900c turbo ive got

the car will turn over on the starter - and the noice from the relay stops when i do so

any suggestions?

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does it start? why did you post in the preformance forum?
speedysaab said:
any suggestions?
Take it to the guy who rebuilt the engine and get him to sort it out.
Id say either something not plugged in/ plugged in wrongly or you fried a part of the ecu
Someone who drives a MK2 Golf mentioned a problem like this. The MK2 Golf (I think) uses the same k-jetronic (?) as on the mechanically injected Saabs. He said this would happen when water got into the ECU. Don’t know if that helps?
The rev counter takes is signal from the ignition amp attached to the nearside inner wing, which in turn gets its signal from the hall effect unit in the dizzy. I would check connections between these two units initially.

I assume nothing was touched at the ECU in the drivers footwell?
also check the coil, a bad wire here might cause trouble too, ask me how I know... :(
Saab-Daniel said:
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Please keep the thread on topic, Frank ;)
Sorry sir very good sir. :)
just happened to be a bad earth after the under bonnet was painted thanks for the help though guys!!!rob
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